Believing that the system of Operational Control as exercised by Flight Operations Officers/Aircraft Dispatchers (FOO/AD) for Aircraft Operators has contributed to the high standard and efficiency of Air Safety maintained in the Industry.

Believing that any further improvement in the Air Safety record will largely depend on the continued advancement in technical and professional skills of those involved with the Industry generally and Flight Dispatch/Operational Control in particular; the European FOO/AD-Associations have decided to found a Federation to be defined within the following rules and regulations, and to be known as the European Federation of Airline Dispatchers Association.


European Federation of Airline Dispatchers Associations (EUFALDA)  with mean office at – c/o 30 Chemin des Vignettes – CH-1299 Crans-près-Céligny / VD – Switzerland

  • To promote Air Transportation Safety, to work for the development of a stronger Aviation Industry.
  • To sponsor and support Air Safety legislation, to assist in the promulgation of regulations improving Air Safety.
  • To promote the interests of FOO/AD profession working to improve the professional standards of all FOO/AD while safeguarding the integrity and interests of individuals.
  • To inform all member Associations and individual members on developments concerning FOO/AD in particular and Flight Dispatch/Operations Control in general.
  • To work with other legitimate professional Associations or Organizations in the Industry when, in the opinion of member Associations or individual members of the Federation, such cooperation would benefit Air Safety and/or the co-operating partners.
  • To levy fees, dues and assessments upon members of the Federation to provide the funds necessary to carry our the Objectives of the Federation.
  • To render any other services that the Federation may determine, subject to such rules and regulations, terms and conditions, as the Federation may establish.
  • To uphold the agreement that the Federation will not find itself involved in labour of union matters, or any form of collective negotiating.
  • To stand as non-profitable Organization.
  • To establish and maintain an International Office and other facilities for clearance of information and carrying our the Federations objectives.
  • While the terms ‘Flight Operations Officer/Aircraft Dispatcher’ is used in the preamble, it was recognised to maintain the term ‘Airline Dispatcher’ in the name of the Federation, for historical reasons.

§ 1 - Definitions

  • Flight Operations Officer / Aircraft Dispatcher As used in this Constitution, the term applies to a person who is regularly engaged in performing the duties of an FOO/AD as defined in the ICAO. Annex 6. or a person who is similarly engaged with Civil Aircraft movements and/or Operational Control, in accordance with Civil Air Regulations.
  • The delegates at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall consist of delegates from each member Association in good standing.
  • The Board shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of:
    a) one President
    b) one Vice-President
    c) one Secretary
    c) one Treasurer
  • Auditors: In addition to the Board as defined above, two auditors shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting.
  • Nominating Group: The Annual General Meeting shall elect each year three individuals from member Associations in good standing, to form a nominating group.
  • The Election Group: The Annual General Meeting shall appoint three individuals, from member Associations in good standing, to form an election group.
  • The Vote: Both voting in persona or by proxy shall be allowed.

§ 2 - Membership

  • The Federation shall be composed of European FOO/AD Associations or individual members, qualifying according to Article 1.1.
  • Applying for EUFALDA-membership shall be done by submitting a formal request to the President, who will seek approval from a majority of the EUFALDA Board.
  • When a member Association or an individual member becomes one year in arrears they will no longer be considered a member in good standing, and their membership will be suspended. Should a membership be resumed, the arrears must be paid in full.
  • The Board may confer Honorary Membership to the Federation from time to time upon certain individuals, whose contributions, in the opinion of the Federation, have particularly enhanced the profession. Honorary members will not be assessed annual dues and will have no voting rights.
  • Single members must pay double membership fees to EUFALDA plus IFALDA membership fee. EUFALDA will pay their membership fee to IFALDA. Individual members have no voting rights, but full right to give comments and/or advices in topics brought up within EUFALDA/IFALDA.A minimum number of 5 individual members will have the right to vote as a group with one vote when present at meetings. No proxies are allowed.
Voting rights

The number of votes to which a member association is entiteled shall be as follows:
In business matters one vote per association.
In financial matters: Paid up members Votes
– 01 – 10       1
– 11 – 20       2
– 21 – 30       3
to be continued to the number necessary

§ 3 - The Board

  • The Board shall meet at least during Bi-Annual and Annual Meetings to carry out the objectives of the Federation, or whenever considered necessary.
  • The Board shall announce the location of the Office of the Federation.
  • At all meetings of the Board, each member shall have one vote per voting issue. A dissenting opinion shall be made a matter of record. If parity of votes exists, the President’s vote shall count as two votes.

§ 4 - Election of Board Members

  • The Nominating Group shall present Nominees to the Annual General Meeting prior to the election.
  • The Boardmembers shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting.
  • For the election of Boardmembers, each Association shall have one vote through their AGM-delegate or their proxy. Individual members do not hold a right to vote.
  • Voting shall be conducted according to a majority principle.
  • Boardmembers shall be elected for a period of minimum 2 years.
  • Initial election of Board members and Auditors , establishing a periodical turnover, will be as follows:
  1. President          2 years   (reelection for 2 years)
  2. Vice-President   1 year    (reelection for 2 years)
  3. Secretary          1 year     (reelection for 2 years)
  4. Treasurer          2 years    (reelection for 2 years)
  5. Auditor 1           1 year     (reelection for 2 years)
  6. Auditor 2           2 years    (reelection for 2 years)

§ 5 - Meetings of the Federation

  • Meeting shall be held at such dates and places as directed by the delegates during an Annual or Bi-Annual meeting.
  • No meeting shall take place without a written agenda.
  • Special meetings of the Federation may be held at the call of the President, business resolution of the Board, or upon request to the President by two-third majority of the Federation Members, in whose request the purpose of the meeting shall be stated. At any Special Meeting of the Federation only those matters that have been specified in the call or announcement of the Meeting may be decided.
  • Notice of all Federation Annual and Bi-Annual Meetings shall be served not later than thirty (30) days prior to such an event to each member Association and individual members either by mail or telex, and must be acknowledged. The thirty days notice requirement for Special Meetings called by the President may be disregarded when circumstances bring about the need to convene quickly and a Federation majority has approved such action.
  • A Meeting of the Federation shall be official only when at least either the President or the Vice-President is present.
  • Meeting shall be presided by the President, the Vice-President or a delegate appointed by the President.
  • The President is authorized to issue invitations to interested organizations and individuals in order to attend meetings as observers.

§ 6 - Order of Business at Federation Meetings

At meetings of the Federation, the order of business shall be:

  1. Call to order by the President.
  2. Approval of the Agenda.
  3. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting.
  4. Financial Report (AGM only).
  5. Reports of Standing Committees and Study Groups.
  6. Unfinished business. g) Election of Officers (AGM only).
  7. Appointing of Nominating Group (AGM only).
  8. New business.
  9. Report on developments in the industry, the profession, and discussing professional matters.
  10. Adjournment.

Annual General Meeting shall be held within the first three months of each calendar year or as otherwise agreed upon by the members of the Federation.

§ 7 - Officers

All Federation Officers shall serve without pay or compensation. When engaged in work for the Federation as appointed by the AGM or the Board, expenses shall be reimbursed.
Duties of Federation Officers:

The President
  • Shall preside at all meetings of the Board.
  • Shall present a report at each AGM on the condition of the Federation.
  • Shall issue notification of all meetings.
  • Shall appear at hearings, conferences and before Government agencies to properly outline Federation policy on assorted professional subjects.
  • Is allowed to request assistance from any member of the Federation in carrying out the assigned duties.
  • Shall keep members of the Federation and the Board up to date on developments regarding all important matters.
  • Shall perform such other tasks as may belong to the duties of the Office to further the Federation objectives.
  • Shall turn over to any successors all books, papers, funds and other Federation property.
  • Shall assist the President in his/her duties as defined in section a) of this paragraph.
  • Shall fulfil the duties of the President during his/her absence.
The Secretary
  • Shall be responsible for producing and editing the Federations official publications.
  • Shall be responsible for the recording and publishing of all Federation minutes.
  • Shall issue all Federation notices, as directed by the President.
  • Shall be responsible for the issuing and counting of ballots when voting by referendum.
  • Shall keep records of all official correspondence and communications.
  • Shall issue a standard membership application form to be preserved in the Federations records.
  • Shall be responsible for the registration of delegates at meetings and shall the roll at these meetings.
  • Shall be responsible for maintaining a True Master Copy of this Constitution and by-laws and for recording and distributing its amendments.
The Treasurer
  • Shall keep proper record of all monetary transactions of the Federation, in accordance with accepted accounting procedures.
  • Shall also keep such other financial records as the Federation may require.
  • Shall make, sign, and endorse in the name of the Federation, all cheques, drafts an money orders, pay out and dispose of same under the direction of the President and in accordance with Article 7.1.
  • Shall make available to any member Association or officer, upon reasonable request, the financial records of the Federation
  • Shall issue notice of assessments due, to each affiliate at the appropriate time.
  • Shall keep a record of address of each affiliate and shall advise the Board of any changes.
  • Shall advise the Board when any affiliate becomes one year in arrears.
  • Shall render a complete financial statement at each AFM outlining the status of each affiliate and showing how disbursements of funds were made.
  • Shall prepare a budget for the next financial year at each AGM, for presentation to and approval by the AGM.
  • Shall have the accounts and books available for the Auditors at any reasonable time.
The Auditors
  • Shall audit the financial report before any AGM, or upon request and issue an auditors report.

§ 8 - Finances

  • The Board shall establish an annual operating budget based on the recommendation of the Treasurer.
  • The annual assessment shall be defined per capita.
  • For extraordinary expenses, assessments may be levied by the Federation, but such assessments shall not become effective until approved by a two-third majority of the delegates.
  • No expenditure unauthorized by the Annual Budget for the fiscal year shall be made without approval of a Board majority.
  • Any Federation fiscal year shall commence on the first day of January each year.
  • All bills payable, notes, cheques and other negotiable instruments of the Federation shall be made in the name of the Federation and shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the President.

§ 9 - Amendments

  • This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by an affirmative two-thirds vote of the delegated, either present of by proxy, at any Annual General or Special Meeting, provided that at least sixty (60) days notice of the amending proposal has been given. When such notice is lacking, an amendment will require an affirmative two-thirds vote of all the delegates present or by proxy.
  • During any interval between two meetings of the Board, any three Board Members may request the President to submit an amendment of the Constitution and By-Laws to a referendum vote of all Federation members. In such case, the President must receive a proposal at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the next Federation Meeting. In order to carry the proposal, a two-thirds vote will be required.
  • Should an interpretation of this Constitution and By-Laws be required, the question shall be submitted to the President, who shall render his/her decision promptly. An appeal to his/her decision may be taken to any Federation meeting, where a majority vote by the delegates present, or by proxy shall be final.
  • The dissolution of the Federation needs two AGMs’ approval of which the first AGM has to be an ordinary AGM separated by at least 6 months from the second AGM. Two-thirds of the votes are required in favour of the dissolution. Remaining funds shall be decided upon by the last AGM.

§ 10 - Miscellaneous

The Official Bulletin:

The Federation may maintain an Official Bulletin to distribute information and news of general interest to FOO/AD. The Bulletin shall be of an editorial nature and its contents shall promote the Federation’s general well-being to the best effect. Any Bulletin will be issued subject to the Boards supervision. Any costs of the Bulletin and the associated mailing shall be borne by the Federation. Any funds received from the publication shall be paid into the Federation’s general account.

The Official Emblem:

The Federation shall have a Official Emblem of suitable design.


Any questions regarding the interpretation or application of this Constitution and By-Laws shall be decided by reference to the English text of the True Master Copy. Translations into other languages are not to be considered as official.

Membership of IFALDA:

In order to outline the close relationship between EUFALDA and IFALDA (International Federation of Airline Dispatchers Association), the membership of IFALDA shall be compulsory to all EUFALDA member associations and individual members.

List of Meetings / Dates

List of EUFALDA meetings / dates in reference to approvals / amendments of the By-laws:

  1. Zurich May 07th, 1991 Constitution Meeting
  2. Luxemburg Oct 15th, 1991 Bi-Annual Meeting
  3. Prague Feb 25th, 1992 EUFALDA AGM No.1
  4. Warsaw Oct 21st, 1992 Semi-Annual Meeting
  5. Brussels Feb 09/10th, 1993 EUFALDA AGM No.2
  6. Malta Oct 08th, 1993 EUFALDA Special Meeting
  7. Amsterdam Feb 10th, 1994 EUFALDA AGM No.3
  8. Stockholm Oct 04/05th, 1994 Semi-Annual Meeting
  9. Ebrach Mar 15/16th, 1995 EUFALDA AGM No.4
  10. Lisbon Oct 30th, 1995 EUFALDA Special Meeting
  11. Istanbul May 28/29th, 1996 EUFALDA AGM No.5
  12. Tromsoe Oct 16th, 1996 EUFALDA Semi-Annual Meeting
  13. Mallorca Feb 4/5th, 1997 EUFALDA AGM No.6
  14. Krakow Sep 29th, 1997 EUFALDA Semi-Annual Meeting
  15. Toulouse Mar 03/04th, 1998 EUFALDA AGM No.7
  16. Malta Oct 01st, 1998 EUFALDA Semi-Annual Meeting
  17. Rovaniemi Mar 17th, 1999 EUFALDA AGM No.8
  18. Ayr Sep 14th, 1999 EUFALDA Semi-Annual Meeting
  19. Chicago May 14th, 2000 World Dispatch Summit and AGM No.9
  20. Izmir Sep 25th, 2000 EUFALDA Semi-Annual Meeting
  21. Konstanz May 15th, 2001 World Dispatch Summit and AGM No.10
  22. Athens Oct 08th, 2001 EUFALDA Special Meeting
  23. Toronto May 07th, 2002 World Dispatch Summit and AGM No.11
  24. Belgrade Oct 02nd, 2002 EUFALDA Special Meeting
  25. Galway May 06th, 2003 World Dispatch Summit and AGM No.12
  26. Haugesund Sep 30th, 2003 EUFALDA Special Meeting
  27. Seattle May 04th, 2004 World Dispatch Conference and AGM No.13
  28. Reichenau Oct 20th, 2004 EUFALDA Special Meeting
  29. Warsaw May 10th, 2005 World Dispatch Conference and AGM No.14
  30. Helsinki Oct 25/26th, 2005 EUFALDA Semi-Annual Meeting
  31. Kuala Lumpur May 8th, 2006 World Dispatch Conference and AGM No.15
  32. Reykjavik Nov 03rd, 2006, Semi-Annual Meeting
  33. Frankfurt Mar 27th, 2007, AGM No. 16
  34. Antalya Sep 29th, 2007, Semi-Annual Meeting
  35. Munich Oct 29th, 2008, AGM No. 17
  36. Seeheim Oct 10th, 2009, AGM No. 18
  37. Lisbon Oct 01st, 2010, AGM No. 19
  38. Prague Oct 22nd, 2011 AGM No. 20
  39. Oslo Sep 22nd, 2012, AGM No. 21
  40. Istanbul 7th/8th of May 2013, World Dispatcher Conference and AGM No. 22
  41. Brussels 12th of May 2014, International Airline Dispatcher Conference and AGM No. 23
  42. Cologne 15-17th of May 2015, International Airline Dispatcher Conference and AGM No. 24
  43. Berlin 10th/11th of May 2016, Combined AGM with IFALDA AGM No. 25
  44. Buenos Aires 10th/11th of May 2017, Combined AGM with IFALDA AGM No. 26
  45. Atlanta 8th of May 2018, Combined AGM with IFALDA, AGM No. 27
  46. Copenhagen 14th of May 2019, Combined AGM with IFALDA No. 28
  47. Barcelona 2nd of November 2019, Semi-Annual Meeting
  48. Due Corona pandemic 19th of December 2020 online video AGM No. 29 (Toronto was cancelled)
  49. Due Corona pandemic 05th of May 2021 online AGM No. 30
  50. Toronto 11th of May, 2022 AGM No. 31
  51. Paris Charles de Gaulle/France 13th of May. 2023 AGM No. 32
  52. Miami/Florida 8th of May. 2024 AGM No. 33