How can I become a Member of the EUFALDA?

Please fill out the online Membership Application Form
or fax us a filled out document, which we have here for you:

How much does it cost to be a member of the EUFALDA?

When joining a national association, member fee is 15.- € per member/year and usually included in your association fee.
Individual members pay 30.- € per year.
In addition IFALDA charges 15.- USD per member, as membership is compulsory to IFALDA.

Is there a common European Dispatch Licence?


I hold a FAA Licence and would like to work in Europe?

What shall I do?

Contact the airline you would like to work for and check out their requirements.
Some airlines do recognize the FAA licence.
Major airlines however have their own training programs, which lead to a certificate or national licence.

Which european countries require a National Dispatch Licence?

As far as we know:
Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Russia.

Where can I get Dispatch Training in Europe?

Check our Website at Dispatch ¬ Training and schools

EUFALDAs Bank Account

Sparkasse Aschaffenburg-Alzenau
IBAN DE08 7955 0000 0008 4180 14

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.